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Distributors Wanted

We are a company that manufactures core network p...

Company: Diana Cristea
Steam Iron Suppliers Wanted

We are looking to have more suppliers in Turkey f...

Company: Pushpakaran Raghavan



I have a wholesale shop in the UK and I am interested in flower patterned shawls mostly. Requesting...

Company: Hani Abdisamad
Carpet Spinning Machine

What is the price range for an industrial carpet spinning machine? Please inform me on product spec...

Company: Hamad Alawad
Men's Jeans

I want to receive prices for dark colored men's jeans, various sizes and models. Please send catalo...

Company: Bekmurod Usarov
Pet Bottled Water

I want the wholesale prices of 1500 ml bottled waters ready to be shipped to Israel. Awaiting your ...

Company: ‪robben666 Match‬‏